For the First Time in Oman: AutoPark..The World of Cars

Muscat – RassdOman

Majd Real Estate Development Company has announced the launch of the “AutoPark” as the first integrated automotive project. It will form the largest gathering of cars in Oman. The project includes car showrooms and workshops in Sandan industrial city at Muscat Governorate.

The AutoPark project contains more than 50 car showrooms and 30 workshops, occupying approximately 97% of the car showrooms in Sandan Industrial City, and 32% of the leasing and operational rate in the city. Following the success and popularity of the Sandan Industrial City in leasing out all showrooms and workshops, the AutoPark project came to match the city’s success and progress, becoming one of the most important integrated projects in the Omani automotive sector.

The project is distinguished by its professional construction and design adhering to international agency specifications, such as having two floors with an open balcony for each showroom, and an electric elevator to transport cars in an innovative and smooth manner.

Mahmood Al Manthari, CEO of Majd Real Estate Development Company, and Real Estate Souq company, confirmed that the project will constitute a remarkable leap in the automotive sector at the local and regional levels. It will contain advanced infrastructure and comprehensive services that will enable investors and traders to achieve the highest levels of quality and performance.

The AutoPark project aims to become a leading destination for car enthusiasts and specialists alike, enhancing the user experience and adding exceptional value to economic and commercial activity in general.

The AutoPark project is distinguished by its comprehensiveness and integrated services, making it a “one-stop station” project. It will host financing companies, insurance firms, and banks. Additionally, it is located only 4 minutes away from the nearest police station, facilitating vehicle registration for project visitors. This unprecedented gathering will contribute to the availability of various types of cars, in addition to specialized stores selling genuine, commercial, and used spare parts. The project will also feature specialized centers for vehicle maintenance and repair.

Majd Company began its journey in the real estate market in 2019, and with over twenty years of experience for the founder. It works on innovating integrated solutions and unique real estate projects committed to quality and sustainability standards, such as the Hai Majd project under the “Hai” initiative of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning, Sohar Bazaar, Salalah Bazaar, and most recently AutoPark, among other pioneering projects.

The Real Estate Souq- The Real Estate Marketer:
The Real Estate Souq commenced its commercial operations in 2006 with the aim of providing the latest core solutions to its clients in Oman’s rapidly growing and expanding real estate market, to achieve the best returns for its clients from their real estate assets, in addition to meeting the increasing needs of the local community in the field of real estate services. The institution’s services have evolved since its inception and expanded to become widely renowned for providing integrated services in the real estate field. Its name has become associated with working with the best known real estate development projects in the Sultanate, such as Hai Majd, Sohar Bazaar, Salalah Bazaar, West Gate, AutoPark, and other leading projects.

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